IPI is team of entrepreneurs with unique backgrounds and proven business acumen. Our team includes Angus Taylor, co-founder of NewLeaf Cannabis; Canada’s largest retail chain in the sector. Craig Stenhouse and Jason Veness bring experience as executives responsible for large corporate profiles in complex highly regulated industries. Alexis Charles, who is a Vincentian, is also an experienced entrepreneur in the agriculture and cannabis sectors. Our team has a proven track record within the cannabis industry; successfully identifying and converting on emerging market opportunities. IPI is positioned to lead the international growth of this market and is ready to do just that.





Angus is an executive and entrepreneur who has worked in a variety of industries largely focused on business development, strategy, innovation and new market identification. Over the past five years, his attention has remained focused exclusively on the cannabis industry, helping both local and international businesses understand and strategize the best paths to success within this incredibly competitive landscape.

Angus is an experienced public speaker, and has represented the companies and organizations he has worked as an outward facing executive who engages with stakeholders, governments and media. As a co-founder of Canada’s most successful retail brand to-date, NewLeaf Cannabis, Angus spent the last two years establishing his niche as a well-known and recognized expert.

After selling NewLeaf Cannabis in 2018, Angus shifted his attention back to his true passion: cannabis infused products. Equipped with his own unique recipes, industry connections and experienced team of experts, Angus’ next venture involves aligning with the right-fit processors for the chance to influence the opportunities presented by the fast-approaching legalization of cannabis infused products.



Craig Stenhouse, a Master of Science graduate from the London School of Economics and Political Science, is an energy industry sustainability professional.

He has over 20 years of international/domestic experience in external stakeholder engagement and management of corporate financial risk by integrating environmental, social and governance (ESG) initiatives to the day-to-day operations of various organizations.

Most recently, Mr Stenhouse represented Cenovus Energy at Canada’s Oil Sands Innovation Alliance (COSIA), an unprecedented collaboration of energy industry companies focused on accelerating the pace of performance improvement through technology collaboration rather than through individual efforts. In this role he served for two years as COSIA’s Chairman and helped steer the organization’s long-term strategy. He was also responsible for managing $33 million of investments made through Cenovus’s venture capital fund in early-stage technology companies.

Craig’s ability to bring the right people together, combined with his experience providing strategic advice to numerous international companies, makes him the perfect fit for IPI as we align ourselves with the strategic partnerships and approach required to successfully achieve our first to market strategy.



Jason Veness brings 25 years of proven leadership and experience developing and Implementing scientific, regulatory and project management solutions for multiple industry sectors, both domestically and internationally.

His ability to understand the challenges and opportunities involved with every situation, and to create and manage a strategic plan capable of achieving recognized goals on time and on budget, adds an incredibly important skill-set required when dealing with the time-sensitive, technical and evolving nature of emerging international cannabis markets.



Alexis Charles is a Vincentian with a lifetime of significant experience working with local, regional and international businesses related to traditional agriculture and cannabis sectors. 

As Vice President of Infused Products International’s Caribbean interests, Alexis maintains deeply established networks of government, regulatory and key business partnerships, which have contributed to over 25 years of successful cumulative, project development within the region. 

Alexis holds academic credentials in the disciplines of business development, real estate, law enforcement, community engagement and the health and wellness sector. A key founding member of IPI, Alexis will continue to lead the development and growth of the cannabis industry across the Caribbean.


We are looking for energetic people who are passionate. Let us know why you want to be a part of our growing team. Contact us now or check back soon for opening positions!