Strategic Innovators + Globally Networked

IPI is an emerging leader in the global medical cannabis market, building and operating a world-class extraction facility. IPI is positioned to lead the international growth of this market and has placed themselves strategically to predict the changing regulations in the world market.

IPI was created with the idea of bringing cannabis to the people as medicine by supplying formulations to the medicinal, pharmaceutical and consumables community with the highest of standards. With the position to be a compliant, consistent and credible producer of high quality cannabis products that are complimentary to an individuals overall health and wellness goals.


Located in a key strategic position of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

The location will provide us the ability to not only grow, but process, sell and export low-cost, certifiable cannabis ingredients for use in finished medicinal products to potentially lucrative international markets. This will lay the foundation for a comprehensive ‘seed to sale’ business model.

The company’s focus is to develop a mutually advantageous partnerships across the country that will create positive benefits for Vincentians. The partnership with the island nation will result in positive social and economic impacts for the people.