Infused Products International Ltd (IPI) is assembling an independent science advisory committee consisting of multi-disciplinary health professionals who will work in collaboration with IPI to further enhance cannabis research, products and innovations.  This group will be central to advancing IPI’s innovation strategy by establishing global partnerships and collaborations with established academic and medical institutions for plant derivative scientific research.  

The Science Advisory Committee’s (SAC) mandate is to provide objective and strategic advice and assist IPI in furthering the understanding and potential health and wellness benefits of cannabis and other therapeutic plants.  The SAC will be mandated to achieve this through innovation, best practices, thought leadership and strategic alliances to support IPI and its Amphora Brand to become the leading and most trusted global health and wellness brand of cannabis plant-based products. 



Dr. Wardell is a practicing physician with over 40 years of clinical and educational experience in pain management and is committed to the establishment of “Pain” as a recognised disease within the scope of all medical practices and education.

In the early 1980s Dr. Wardell began his medical career as a rural family physician in Hudson Bay (Saskatchewan, Canada) and has since held prestigious positions as Chief of Anesthesia and Palliative Care in Prince Albert (Saskatchewan), as well as Chief of Anesthesia and Palliative Care in Medicine Hat (Alberta, Canada). Dr. Wardell is currently Medical Director of the Sante Surgi-Centre and provides chronic pain assessment and consultative referrals.  He also counsels patients with chronic pain issues at the Wardell Pain Centre, his own private clinic.  Dr. Wardell is past President of the Pain Society of Alberta, and current president of the Alberta Medical Association, section of Pain.

Dr. Wardell started to prescribe medical cannabis in 2001 when medical use became legal. Early on, this applied to only terminal patients in Palliative Care with very short lifespans. Unfortunately, while chronic pain patients had the luxury of time to access legal marijuana, many of the patients in Palliative Care would invariable reach the end of their life while waiting for approval from Health Canada. During this time, medicine was also of poor quality due to the inexperience of producing medical cannabis and the location of the facilities in abandoned drifts of nickel mines in Northern Manitoba. 

Dr. Wardell believes patients are losing trust in the conventional health care system and are looking for complimentary or alternative options. Supported by Dr. Wardell as Chair, IPI’s SAC will benefit from his vast knowledge and experience with cannabis history for pain management and his foresight into the future evolution of the patients desire for integrative medicinal options.

Dr. Wardell continues to be a popular public speaker and is regularly engaged to educate peers, interest groups and patients. He is an active blogger on medical and pain issues and continues to be a critical thinker and seeker of medical scientific validation for patients and for pain specifically. 


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